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Don't end up looking like woogie from something about mary

Whether you're growing out your beard for the first time or it's a permanent feature of your face, beard itch can be a bitch. You don't have to look like a crazed animal scratching at your face and neck.

Our beard oil has all of the natural ingredients to take away the itch and leave you with a healthy beard Chuck Norris would be happy with.

Beard Oil | Beard Hair Softener | Beard Conditioner

even Clint Eastwood knows a soft beard is better

Beards are manly but that doesn't mean you need to actually be able to light a match off them. Your partner doesn't need to look like Freddy Krueger after you've "lobbed the gob" (kissed) them.

That's where beard balm helps to soften your beard hair and give you a better shape to your beard.

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