"The sorest part of getting a vasectomy was the alcohol spray, not the procedure and that's because I only shaved the night before."


take it from those who have been through the process


The tools you will need when preparing for your vasectomy

The essentials bundle

Base Kit - Pre & Post Op
We have made a bundled kit of all of the things you will need when preparing and post a vasectomy procedure.
The kit includes:
  • Unscented Shaving Oil 
  • Aloe Vera based Moisturiser
  • Jockstrap
  • Free Express Shipping

All of these products were either specifically formulated or acquired by us for this exact procedure.

Shaving Oil - Unscented

Why you'll need it:

  • Our 10ml Shaving oil is designed to raise the hair from your skin making it easier to shave
  • The oil sits closer to your skin that a foam or gel and allows you full visibility of where you are shaving 
  • We use no additional perfumes or fragrances making it safer for sensitive skin 
  • Our Shaving oil has a higher percentage amount of Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to help sooth and repair your skin 

Moisturise, Moisturise, moisturise.

Your doctor on the day sprays the area with alcohol spray before they begin. That's why applying our Aloe Vera based moisturiser a couple of times after you have shaved will stop you screeching like Macauly Culkin in Home Alone.



$12.00 USD

Why you'll need it:

  • Our 30ml moisturiser is designed to help calm and restore the skin
  • It uses no additional fragrances making it safer for sensitive skin
  • We have added a higher percentage amount of Aloe Vera to help cool and repair your skin 
  • It's quick to dry and won't leave your skin oily

    don't make the same mistake i did

    It was only after I had the procedure that I realised how much I needed extra support (not the emotional kind).
    A Jockstrap is an essential not a nice to have. FYI, some guys prefer to buy two in order to have one that can be washed.



    $17.00 USD

    Why you'll definitely need it:

    Speaking from experience, this will be the best investment you will make after getting a vasectomy. 
    A Jockstrap will help to reduce any movement and in the first couple of days of your recovery this is important. The less jingle jangle the better ; )  

    Our Jockstraps come in two waist sizes: Medium (32-34 inches) and Large (36-39 inches) but don't worry about the size too much as the waist band stretches an additional 3 inches making it easier to choose the right size. 


    The right hardware

    Using a 3, 4, 5 blade razor can increase the chances of skin getting caught between the blades (not pleasant).
    A single blade razor is better. We will send you a step by step guide as to how to get started with the Muhle Safety Razor for additional peace of mind.

    Muhle R89 Classic Razor

    Why you're better off with it:

    1. This is an excellent choice for both beginners and shaving enthusiasts
    2. Razor blades for this type of safety razor are typically 10 cent each v's €1.70 for 3 blade razors
    3. It is beautifully designed with a chrome finish
    4. Precision engineering: the blade sits perfectly into the head of the razor giving you a precise and close shave
    5. Within one year of using this razor you will have saved roughly 90% of what you would spend using a 3 blade razor 
    6. Lastly, this razor come packed in a presentation box and makes an ideal gift

    If you still have questions, contact us we would be happy to help guide you through the right choice for you. 

    if you have any questions just