Utility Soap - The Liberties

$10.00 USD

Utility Soap Bar Description 

It’s time to up your soap game and get yourself a natural soap for men. Our signature, Liberties scented, handmade Irish soap is crafted right here in Ireland.

Our Utility Irish soap is made from a range of carefully selected natural ingredients that are mixed to perfection, creating a soap that reinvigorates, moistures and cleans of course.

For that morning shower or that scrub down after the gym, our Utility soap bar helps chase away that morning fog while simultaneously relaxing tired muscles.

Oh, and did we mention that our Homemade Irish soap weighs in at an impressive 160g. When compared to the puny 100g weight of the average supermarket Soap, our Liberties scented bar is basically the Hulk of the shower.

Liberties Scented Handmade Irish Soap 

Our Liberties scent is inspired by the history, culture and traditions of the Liberties. This celebrated neighbourhood represents both Dublin's past and its embrace of the future. At the Dublin Grooming Co., we have committed ourselves to capturing this spirit in our signature Liberties scent.

Our handmade soap is carefully infused with hints of lavender and Jasmin, these delicate scents are offset by the rich aromas of coconut and Verbena to create a masculine scent that lasts all day. 

How to use our handmade soap
Sud-up, rinse and swagger. Our Utility soap is perfect as a body soap for men, as regular hand soap and its natural ingredients mean it can also be used as a shaving soap for a clean, tight and close shave.

Basically our soap is the most handsome, the best at football and the most modest soap in the bathroom.

Our all-natural soap for men contains:
Castor oil, Coconut refined, Olive oil, Rice Bran, Shea Butter, Caustic soda and water (lye), Verbena, Lavender, Jasmin in Grape-seed

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