So we all get old!
How about doing it with a little more class and little less pain??

- 1 -

Take cold showers

That's right fellas take cold showers! Even more so in the winter. If you have dry skin, having a cold shower is less irritating on the skin. Think of it this way, you go and do some exercise which opens your pores because you have been sweating. Then you have a hot shower afterwards, opening your pores even more! That all leads to your skin being more prone to abnormalities like dry skin, acne etc.

If the idea of taking a cold shower is just too much (we get it, it's not the most pleasant experience) then have it hot to start and finish with some cold water to close your pores.


- 2 -

Razor bumps are painful as f**k!

Ok so that's not a tip but if you get razor bumps on your skin after shaving don't use a tweezers it's only going to open up the pore even more and potentially lead to even greater infection. That what razor bumps are, infected pores so try exfoliating (washing your face with a facial scrub or decent soap) beforehand as this will remove dead skin. Another tip would be to not shave as often e.g. every other day is fine. Apply a moisturiser or ideally shea butter (our Beard Balm is excellent for this if you can’t find the raw stuff). Finally use an aftershave! This is what aftershave was meant for in the first place, to kill off bacteria getting into your pores after shaving. You could try some of our aftershave tonic, it's less harsh than an aftershave, smells great and does the job you need.

- 3 -

Shave your neck!

We are all getting older so no need to draw people's attention to the gorilla hair growing on our backs!

Shave your neck once a week, that’ll save you a little more time before having to go back to the barber.

- 4 -

Razor burn is a pain in the ass!

Again, not a tip but if you suffer from razor burn putting a face cloth in warm water and leaving it on your face for 3 to 4 minutes before shaving really helps soften the bristles, reducing the burn!

Stop using old blades!

Stop seeing it as a personal challenge to see how long you can make a razor blade last! Replace them after 3 to 5 shaves if you are shaving your full face. For neck only shavers you'll get about 10 before needing to change.

Using a pre-shave oil after putting on the hot towel, this will help the razor glide over your skin more easily. Our own shaving oil is perfect for this. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards this gives your skin the nutrients it needs after putting a blade against your skin.

- 5 -

Last but not least do something about your uni-brow!

Got a bit of a unibrow going on??

Don’t shave it, pluck it!

This will reduce the growth rather than promote it like shaving it would. Don’t like the pain of it?? Try plucking the hair in the direction that it's growing. That’ll help but if that's still too painful.

Man up and get on with it!

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