Help men look and feel better about themselves and at the same time earn 10% for every sale!

We have spent 3 years formulating our products. We don't scrimp on the percentages of the most necessary ingredients needed to make a standout product. We have an aggressive product rollout roadmap which will give you regular and exciting news (not just fluff) to share on a consistent basis.

The engagement towards the brand to date has been strong even though we are young company meaning you have a unique chance of being the original face of the company into the future.

our focus on sustainability

One of our co-founders is vegan and therefore our focus on sustainability rings through to the packaging that we use and we donate $1 from every sale which is used to plant one tree through our partners


Fairness & Respect

We treat everyone with the utmost respect for what they do and will always look to be fair and transparent in how we work with you.  

Don't hesitate in signing up, we want to make it more acceptable for all men to spend a little more time and effort on themselves with our ultimate goal that men everywhere feel better about themselves!