Why Shaving Oil

5 Key fundamental steps to a better shave.

Let's be clear!

Shaving oil is not the silver bullet for the perfect shave. but it goes a long way to getting you there. Let’s break down the fundamentals into 5 core steps:

1. Preparing your skin
2. Hot Water
3. Shaving Oil
4. The razor
5. Post Shave care

Preparing your skin

Things like razor bumps can be caused by having small amounts of dirt on your face and neck while shaving. The razor blade opens up your pores and allows the dirt to get into your pores, causing small infections in the skin aka razor bumps. That’s why we would recommend washing your face with a decent soap or face scrub beforehand.

Hot Water

Most of us know that hot water is pretty key to a solid shaving experience but why is that? Hot water brings the blood to the front of your skin and softens your beard hair, making it easier to cut. Doing so reduces the chances of razor burn. Think of going to the barbers for a hot towel shave. The barber applies the same principle using a hot towel.

Shaving Oil

We could go on all day about why shaving oil is better than a gel but here's our top two reasons why.

One, shaving oil left on your face for a couple of minutes before you shave raises the hair from your face making it easier to cut.

Two, less is more, having less lubrication between your face and the blade allows the blade to do a better job.

We are an honest company (it’s a core value to us) so here’s some real transparency. We all have different skin types so for some of us shaving oil is going to be a game changer. We have found that this is the case for most. For some you may still need another layer of protection and that's cool too. All we would advise is that if you are still going to use some shaving cream, foam, gel then apply it sparingly and only add an additional thin layer on top of the shaving oil.

The Razor

Please, please stop using multiple blade razors. They only serve to cut your face more than is required (three, four, five times over) depending on how many blades you are using. Switch to a single blade safety razor. It’ll take a couple of goes to get used to it but it will provide a consistent shave and save you a sh!t ton of money too. The bonus here is that you can change the blade when you need to without worrying about the cost.

Post Shave Care

After a shave your pores are open and more susceptible to infection so this is the time to use an aftershave and moisturising balm. The aftershave (we have you covered here too by the way) is meant to kill off any bacteria and the moisturiser is used to replenish the nutrients your skin needs and reduce irritation.

Shave oil or bust!

"Would never have thought about using shaving oil, as I have sensitive skin and usually go for the gel. But this is great, smooth and moist shave, great for the skin!"

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