When people talk about our Grandfather, they always describe him as an absolute CU…ltured gentleman who never compromised on the quality of his shave. 

Grandad’s insistence on shaving with a traditional shaving brush and razor inspired us to create our own range of men’s grooming products. All our lovingly formulated products – from our natural soap for men to our beard balms – are inspired by our Grandfather and by our hometown of Dublin. 

Our founders, Gavyn Pedley and Pete Kirwan, were always disappointed with the mass-produced male grooming products available on the Irish market. 

As fans of the Irish national soccer team, you’d assume Gavyn and Pete would be used to disappointment but like their grandfather before them, they refused to compromise. They began formulating the products that would form the basis of the Dublin Grooming Co.’s male grooming collections. 

This uncompromising spirit means no unnatural chemicals are used in any of our products. Instead, our unique formulations are crafted from organic and ethically produced ingredients. These ingredients are safe to use on all skin types, including skin that is as delicate as Gavyn was the day after Pete’s stag party. 

You won’t find E numbers, chemicals, or synthetics in our products, instead, our ingredients are plucked straight from nature. Simply put, if Grandad couldn’t pronounce the name of the ingredient, then it doesn’t go into our products.

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