Shaving Oil V's Shaving Gel

First we need to understand how many shaves you actually get per can of shaving gel.

It is said that you should get roughly 50 shaves per can of their 200ml shaving gel. Let's look at that in a little more detail. 

First, the method: 

1. We measured out how much gel is required per lather/pass

2. You need to measure how much total gel is in that can

3. Calculate the number of lathers a 200ml can will deliver


How much shave cream is used per lather/pass?

Between 3-4ml’s but realistically, unless you're Data from Star Trek you aren't going to be using exactly 3ml’s every time. Also, 3ml’s is a light amount of shave cream. So, most of us are probably closer to the 4ml’s grams than 3ml’s.

How much shave cream is in each can?

Simple: 200ml 

The Math

So, we then divide 200 by 3ml = 67, and 202 by 4ml = 50.

Therefore you can expect to get 50 to 67 lathers out of one can of edge shaving gel. But wait! That's lathers/passes, not shaves.

If you do two passes, cut that number in half to 34 or 25 shaves. And if you do 3 passes, you can only expect 22 to 16 shaves per can.


You're really only getting less than one month's worth of shaving cream per can if you shave every day.

Using our Shaving Oil

Each drop from the pipette in our Shaving oil is 0.5ml. 3 drops is enough to cover your entire face so 0.5ml X 3 = 1.5ml. Our customers tell us that by applying more warm water to their face after a pass allows them to get up to 3 passes per 3 drops from the pipette. That's 99 passes with each 50ml bottle.

Meaning that from one 50ml bottle of our Shaving oil you get 33 shaves not passes, shaves. 

So the mathematician in you is saying “well that’s not much of a difference and the cost of the shaving oil is far more than a can of shaving gel” and you are right. That’s why you need to also understand why our customers have opted to use our shaving oil v’s a cream or gel in the first place. 

What our customers say

“I would never have thought about using shaving oil, as I have sensitive skin and usually go for the gel. But this is great, smooth and moist shave, great for the skin!”

Derek T. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Being completely honest I didn’t think I would use the shaving oil, as normally I use my electric shaver due to always getting razor burn with normal razors. But since using this oil I haven’t had razor burn once and I haven’t used my electric razor since. Would highly recommend you try it.”

Paul - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Using the oil is much easier than foam and is kinder on my face.”

Ciaran Cl. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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"I have used the shaving oil and the after shave oil.
I haven't had such a close, clean shave ever."

Michael D.