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Our collection of all-natural soaps, shaving oils, beard oils & beard balms are inspired by tradition & made in Ireland



Shaving Oil - 50mlShaving Oil - 50ml
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Shaving Oil - 50ml

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Soap gripperMens soap and soap grip
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Starter Soap Kit - Docklands scent

$17.00 USD $19.00 USD
Beard Oil and Beard BalmBeard Oil and Beard Balm
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Soap GripperMens Soap and Soap Grip
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Starter Soap Kit - Liberties scent

$17.00 USD $19.00 USD
The Traditional Shaven Man KitThe Traditional Shaven Man Kit
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The Traditional Shaven Man Kit

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All Natural Soap For Men

Never fail the sniff test again with our all-natural soap for men. The Dublin Grooming Co.’s Irish made soap is specially formulated from natural, ethically sourced ingredients & packaged with non-plastic, environmentally conscious materials.

All Natural Soap For Men

Shaving Kits

After shaving, if your neck looks like a ginger’s skin after two weeks in Costa Del Sol, then you need our shaving products. Our shaving oil, aftershave, and shaving soap protects even the most sensitive skin while still allowing the closest possible shave. Don’t be embarrassed that your epidermis (skin) is showing ever again with our shaving oils, aftershave, and all-purpose soap.

Shaving Kits

Gifts For Men

Feel like the man in your life is faking enthusiasm after unwrapping yet another body spray & body wash combi? Then get him something he actually wants like a Dublin Grooming Co. gift set. For the beardy chins, we got Irish beard balms, for the baldy chins we got Irish shaving oil sets, and for the indecisive, we got gift cards and male grooming product bundles.

Gifts for Men

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Shave with our Shaving Oil and Aftershave

Our pre-shave oil and aftershave have been carefully formulated over three years. Looking for a shave tighter than your cheap uncle when it’s his round? Then dump the pressurised gel cans and choose our men’s shaving products that leave  skin feeling refreshed, revitalised and smelling great.

Shaving Oil & Aftershave

Swagger with our Beard Balms and Beard Oils

Strut with the confidence of a middle-aged Frenchmen in speedos with our beard balms and beard oils. Tame your mane with our collection of naturally scented beard butters – which is what we call our beard balms before lunch. Our beard balms use all-natural ingredients and are fragranced with scents inspired by some of Dublin’s most iconic locations.

Beard Balms & Beard Oils

Dublin inspired Scents

We spent three whole years tinkering, experimenting, and innovating before perfecting the fragrance profiles that make our products so distinctive.

Our scents are as complex as a James Joyce plot, as rich as the average Dublin North-sider thinks the average Dublin south-sider is and as all-natural as Molly Malone’s voluptuous – ahem – cockles and mussels.

By offsetting deep smokey aromas with rich citrus tangs, our scents are refined, masculine, and blended in celebration of some of Dublin’s most iconic locations.

Our scents capture the iridescences of Temple Bar, the evolution of the Docklands, and the totemic traditions of the Liberties. Basically, our beard balms, beard oils, and utility soaps smell f—kin’ class.

Encourage face sniffing with our selection of Dublin-inspired male grooming products.

Male Grooming Collection

About Dublin Grooming Co.

When people talk about our Grandfather, they always describe him as an absolute CU…ltured gentleman who never compromised on the quality of his shave.

Grandad’s insistence on shaving with a traditional shaving brush and razor inspired us to create our own range of men’s grooming products. All our lovingly formulated products – from our natural soap for men to our beard balms – are inspired by our Grandfather and by our hometown of Dublin.

Our founders, Gavyn Pedley and Peter Kirwan, were always disappointed with the mass-produced male grooming products available on the Irish market. They began formulating the products that would form the basis of the Dublin Grooming Co.’s male grooming collections.

This uncompromising spirit means no unnatural chemicals are used in any of our products. Instead, our unique formulations are crafted from organic and ethically produced ingredients. These ingredients are safe to use on all skin types, including skin that is as delicate as Gavyn was the day after Peter’s stag party.

You won’t find E numbers, chemicals, or synthetics in our products, instead, our ingredients are plucked straight from nature. Simply put, if Granddad couldn’t pronounce the name of the ingredient, then it doesn’t go into our products.

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