5 Reasons why you should use bar soap!

We have seen the resurgence of old school fragrances like Old Spice (we're still sitting on the proverbial fence on this one but good for you Old Spice).

We took some time to break down why men's bar soap isn’t "Old Spice", old school but why so many men and women are making the switch back to bar soap. 

Don't get me wrong, we get it, people have come to like body wash because that’s what the big companies are promoting in “cool” plastic bottles but you're not 16 anymore. It’s time to live by more than just doing what a cool ad might tell you to do. Another thing that hasn’t helped is the big commercial bar soap manufacturers using crappy ingredients like the below and giving bar soap a bad reputation: 
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: found in nail-polish remover
  • Triclosan: antibacterial agent used in detergent
  • Parabens: Common preservative found in cosmetics products that mimic the hormone estrogen in the body. 
These ingredients are used to keep the skin sterile and dry, but can have some nasty side effects and irritate the skin. Here's 5 good reasons why bar soap solid option. 



If you haven’t used bar soap in a while let us reconfirm that the feeling you have getting out of the shower is one cleaner than Gandhi’s conscience. Rest assured that soap is just as good at killing bacteria as body wash.

We get it, using a body wash will also get you clean but check out some of our other points below to tip you over the edge as to why bar soap is better.

Number #2:


The Chuck Norris in you may like the thrill of working out how much is left in the plastic bottle of a blacked out body wash before you need to get a new one but with bar soap you can easily tell how much longer you have left.

Maybe you like to live a carefree, Ryan Reynolds kind of lifestyle and good for you but here’s the other thing with bottled body wash. You tend to use far more than you actually need each time. Meaning you can actually save money using bar soap!

Bar soap is more of a Harrison Ford to your cool friend Ryan. With Harrison you’ll still have a laugh but you also know what you see is what you get so a quick lather up in your hands with your trusty soap will do the job every time.

Not all bar soap is made equal

Number #3:


Greta might not crack a smile knowing you’ve made the switch but inside she’s proud of you. You too can survey the view from our high horse on this one because this is why we created, promote and offer men's bar soap. That’s right no plastics were harmed in the making or packaging of our bar soaps.

Here’s a challenge for you. The next time you step into your shower or bathroom count up how many plastic bottles you have in there. You might be thinking it’s ok “the bottle can be put in the recycling bin” but guess what, it’s what's on the inside that really does count. Typically these bottles are either not suitable for recycling because of the residue on the inside or they can only be recycled twice given the type of plastic they are made from. Go ahead make our Greta happy and put down the plastic bottle and pick up a chunky bar of manliness like our bar soap.

Number #4:


Bear with us before your eyes glaze over on this one, we’ll keep it short. We use a cold press process to make our soap which gives you a more natural bar with only natural ingredients. That means that bar lasts longer without the synthetic crap we told you about in the opening paragraph.

Plus, here’s something we learned on our path to well washed righteousness. Fragrances can be made in two ways: naturally through oils and the other uses a synthetic laboratory process. Synthetic fragrances are found in most things and a lot of the time really aren’t great for the skin so think about that the next time you get an itch after using your shower gel.

Number #5:


So you're packing your bag to go on a trip and up until now you’ve begrudgingly come to terms with using the products that the accommodation you are staying in provides. Excluding the once a year fancy pants trip to a hotel centre of excellence.

With our bar soap you can just dry the bar, wrap it up and be happier than Forest Gump on a shrimping trip that you will be using your tried and tested soap the whole time. That and the fact you will be saving space in your toiletries zip lock bag is the added bonus if you are the type of person that just has to have the same body wash with you wherever you go.

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