Utility Soap - Docklands scent

$10.00 USD

Our ever-popular Docklands scented Utility soap jams a whole bunch of natural ingredients into its beefy 160g size. Lasting anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks with daily showers, our handmade Irish soap leaves skin looking refreshed, feeling revitalised and smelling so good everyone will be clamouring for a sniff.

What makes our soap different? Maybe it’s the painstakingly chosen natural ingredients that include Verbena to help ease tired muscles. Maybe it’s the fact it’s homemade in small batches right here in Ireland. Or maybe it’s just better than that embarrassingly small 100g, chemical-laced, supermarket soap bar currently dissolving in your soap dish.

Start your day the right way by getting soaped up like a stallion with our all-natural, homemade Irish soap bar.

Our utility soap can be shipped all over Ireland. Yep, we’re even bringing the Docklands to the Midlands and the Docklands to the world with our international shipping.  

Docklands Scented Homemade Irish Soap

Our Docklands scented homemade Irish soap brings the innovative spirit of the Docklands into your bathroom. By carefully combining the scents of Lavender with the muscle-soothing properties of Verbena our soap bar is tough on impurities while being gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Our Docklands scent captures the vitality and evolution of Dublin’s Docklands, which over the years has transformed from traditional manufacturing industries into the beating heart of Ireland’s financial sector.

By blending traditional soap scents like Jasmin with quietly daring additions like olive oil and rice bran, we’ve created a soap scent that so accurately captures the energy of the Docklands it’s like you’re climbing into the shower with a dock worker….but in a nice way.

How to use our utility natural soap for men
We’ll keep this short, we’ll keep this simple and we’ll keep smiling as though it’s totally normal to ask how to use soap.

Our Utility soap acts as the perfect body soap for men, so whether your waxed and ready for the beach, or if you’re rocking that Tom Selleck look, scrub that chest with our soap bar. Our handmade soap is suitable for full body use.

Lather & Rinse
Lather all over. We mean it. You don’t need to be conservative, our soap bar weighs 160g and is good for 4-5 weeks of rigorous everyday showering. Once you’re lathered, rinse off and bask in the feeling of absolute freshness.

Castor oil, Coconut refined, Olive oil, Rice Bran, Shea Butter, Caustic soda and water (lye), Verbena, Lavender, Jasmin in Grape-seed

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